Mission... The mission of Clarendon County Government is to manage the resources of our county, to provide the best services possible, and to promote the health welfare and education of the citizens. Vision... Clarendon County will be a county where people choose to make their homes, establish their businesses, educate their children and spend their leisure time. To accomplish this, the county will:  Promote an educational system that is recognized for the quality of education that children receive;  Structure its service delivery systems to allow citizens to receive county services and to conduct their business in an efficient manner;  Provide infrastructure that will foster managed economic opportunities to promote residential, industrial, and agricultural growth; and  Develop diverse revenue sources that are fiscally responsible and ease the burden on the individual tax payer. Values... INTEGRITY- We conduct our business in accordance with the county, state, and federal laws. Council and staff make decisions and take actions that are credible, ethical and in the best interest of Clarendon County. HONESTY- We will be open, forthright and truthful in providing services and information to the citizens of Clarendon County. CARING- We will listen to and understand the concerns of our citizens and employees. FAIRNESS- We will treat our citizens, employees, and visitors in a consistent and equitable manner. As a county, we are determined to fulfill our mission, keep the vision clear, and uphold the values for all who live, work, and play in Clarendon.