Accounting Technician

Responsible for resolving financial accounting issues for the Water & sewer Dept. Also maintain the fiscal records and the collection and/or reporting of funds. Needs to be able to use software to work through the billing process


Duties include but are not limited to custodial maintenance of county building, cleaning floors, windows, disposing of trash. Maintaining supply inventory and notifying Facilities Department when repairs are needed.  Prior industrial or institutional experience preferred.

Addressing Technician

Responsible for compiling, entering and updating data for County E-911 addressing system. Extensive computer database management required.

Financial Administrator

The Financial Administrator is primarily responsible for the daily collection, reporting, and depositing of monies collected from fines.  Additionally, the Financial Administrator is primarily responsible for the generation and distribution of monthly reports of the Magistrate Court. 

Correctional Officers

The Detention Center seeks highly motivated, responsible, and committed applicants to supervise and manage adult male and female pre-trial detainees and sentenced inmates in a secure institutional setting. Officers enforce rules, policy, laws, orders issued from the courts, and work closely with other law enforcement agencies and criminal justice professionals. Applicants must meet the following […]