Building Official

The Building Official ensures all new construction is constructed in compliance with the International Building Code, the International Residential Code, the National Electrical Code, National Plumbing, HVAC, Sprinkler, Swimming Pool  and all other building/zoning Codes & Ordinances adopted by the County.  The BO reviews all construction plans for all construction projects. 

Real Estate Property Inspector

The purpose of this position is to collect and compile data relevant to classifying residential, agricultural and commercial properties in Clarendon County for ad valorem tax purposes. Also operates various office equipment in performance of duties to maintain property records and reports by performing the following duties. Visits, inspects and collects data for real property and mobile homes as assigned by the Assessor, Assistant Assessor or Appraiser they are assisting. Plans and organizes daily activities to locate, identify, and physically inspect residential, agricultural and commercial properties for building permits, new/moved mobile home permits, new construction and various other inquiries.

Senior Buyer

As the Senior Buyer, incumbent shall perform complex technical and analytical duties involved with the research, analysis and acquisition of specialized equipment, materials, services, and supplies, including Capital Improvement Projects. Promotes the most effective and efficient use of County funds in the acquisition process. Evaluates market conditions and trends. Develops procurement specifications and arrangements, which are communicated to requesting departments. Bachelors or Associates Degree may be substituted or combined with pertinent experience.


The primary duties will include, answering and dispatching 911 emergency calls for Clarendon County Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept. EMS, and local towns. Requires working on rotating shifts including evenings and weekends. Must be able to work under stressful situations and have the ability to work well with the public, state, and local law enforcement personnel.

Building Inspector

Under the supervision of the Building Official, the Building Inspector inspects all construction to ensure compliance with the IBC (International Building Code), the IRC (International Residential Code) and all other building/zoning codes and ordinances adopted by Clarendon County. Inspects construction of new and remodeled homes; Inspects the tie-down and utility connections for manufactured homes to ensure compliance with state regulations; Checks setbacks of proposed construction for compliance with the requirements of the Unified Development Code; Issues notices for corrective action when Code violations are discovered;