Department Name First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Administration Lynden Anthony County Administrator  
Administration Sharmane Anderson Deputy County Administrator  
Administration Terri Ridgeway Executive Assistant 803-435-0135
Airport Vickie Williams Director 803-433-4004
Archives Meesha Witherspoon Director 803-435-0328
Assessor Connie Wise Assessor 803-435-4423
Auditor Patricia Pringle Auditor 803-435-2013
Clerk To Council Dorothy Levy Clerk To Council 803-433-3219
Clerk of Court Beulah Roberts Clerk of Court 803-435-4443
Communications Bertia Carter Communications Director 803-435-8877
Coroner Jacqueline Blackwell Coroner 803-433-2050
Detention Shelton Hughes Director 803-435-8831
Development Board George Kosinski Director 803-435-8831
Emergency Management Allen Lee Director 803-435-9310
Engineering Billy Timmons Engineer 803-433-3256
Facilities Management Thom Barrineau Operations Director 803-433-3223
Family Court Marilyn Wilson Director 803-435-4210
Finance Lynden Anthony Chief Financial Officer 803-433-3228
Fire Rescue Michael Johnson Chief 803-435-4075
Fleet Maintenance Michael Braxton Director 803-435-9608
Grants Vickie Williams Grants Director 803-433-4004
Human Resources Linda Lemon Director 803-435-9654
Human Resources Tammy Rodvansky Benefits Coordinator 803-435-9654
Information Technology David Hilton Director 803-433-3224
Landfill John Hardy  Public Services Director 803-473-3357
Library Holly Cockfield Librarian 803-435-8633
Magistrate Robin Locklear-Moody Chief Magistrate 803-435-8925
Planning Tabitha Hanna Director 803-435-8672
Probate Margaret Sorrell Probate Judge 803-435-8774
Procurement     Director   803-433-2452
Public Services John Hardy Public Services Director 803-435-4596
Recreation Paul McCulluch Director 803-473-3543
Register of Deeds Rebecca Massey Register of Deeds 803-435-4444
Sheriff’s Office Tim Baxley Sheriff 803-435-4414
Solid Waste & Recycling Ava Baker Solid Waste Coordinator 803-435-4596
Treasurer Matt Evans Treasurer 803-435-8307
Veteran’s Affairs Leon Richburg Director 803-433-3250
Voter Registration Christine Harvin Interim Director 803-435-8215
Water & Sewer Hunter Denny Engineer / Director 803-433-3255
Weldon Auditorium Sharon Haley Events Administrator 803-433-7469